Morgan will be playing Marie Claire Dessalines, known as the Empress of Haiti and wife of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, in the premiere presentation of Jaime Cepero's new musical, Francois and the Rebels. 

The year? 1791. The place? The flourishing French colony of Saint Domingue. A rag tag group made up of rebellious slaves and second class citizens gather to question their place in society. Armed with nothing but their wits and prowess - and lead by a fearsomely intelligent man named Francois -  they tactfully overthrow three separate armies from France, Spain, and Britain - rocking the world as we know it. These actions eventually lead them to establish the first successful slave rebellion in history resulting in the second independent country in the Americas - the nation of Haiti.

With a pulsing punk rock score, and a story pulled from historic events full of love, loss, and deception - Francois & The Rebels is not your typical musical. Our goal is to tell an important and forgotten history through the lens of an immersive high energy rock and roll experience. Join us in the rebellion.